Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Confessions of a lazy runner

i have one semi new years resolution for 2013, have i shared it with you yet?

this is the year to run a .... HALF MARATHON ! (i wish i could type in dramatic music)

now, i have to do it. now that i've typed it out loud.

confession one: this was my goal for 2012. (got married instead)
confession two: yesterday was my first run this year. (eh...)

confession three: i'm not really concerned about the above two confessions.
confession four: because i just KNOW, i just know i'm doing it this year.

confession five: i don't know where this runners arrogance  is coming from

... maybe from that runner's high? i ran 3.5 km in 2013, bring on the Comrades.

confession six: i haven't run for almost three months because of the weather.

i have no idea how people run on ice. ice! Spokane you amaze me...

confession seven: i also have to start running again seeing as 'no-bake January' is over.

confession eight: not having my favorite warm top clean will keep me from going for a run.
confession nine: not finding my headband keeps me from going for a run.
confession ten: iphone battery low, keeps me from going for a run.

clearly i'm in need of some inspiration:

my dad, he has run more marathons than can be counted, also he has his green number for Comrades. (meaning he's finished more than 10 Comrades marathons) and yes, Comrades is 54 mile just FYI.

so he's a big inspiration, also, everybody thinks he's crazy for running so much, so this way he won't be the only weirdo in the family.

my second inspiration:
getting to run around Manito Park, that park just doesn't get old.

another inspiration: this Mumford and Sons song. i suspect that i can run all day with this song on repeat.

a fake inspiration: i have imaginary high school mean girls that i pretend are always running behind me, they laugh whenever i walk. it's weird, but it works.

then there's always the happy healthy fit living i'm always aspiring to.

there's the Bloomsday 12km race coming up in Spring.  it's the only way to be accepted by Spokane i think.

having a goal and accomplishing it is pretty big.  this seems to be getting more and more important to me as i get older.

then lastly, now having made a public post about it is a pretty big inspiration.

me: i'm too lazy to go for a run

this blog post: hi remember me?

me: oh crap, i'm going, i'm going.

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