Tuesday, February 5, 2013

why i (still) love winter #20


soup is awesome like salad, but more comforting. a good salad will give you a high five on hot summers day, a good soup will hug you affectionately from the inside out.
i don't want to brag or anything,


but i make a pretty awesome mexican-ish chicken tortilla (without the tortilla) soup.

it's based mostly on this recipe.

only i make it more awesome by adding just about every vegetable i can find in the house.

granted the sweet potato i once added wasn't as awesome and the lentils didn't do what i wanted them to do. other than that it's pretty great.

the best part is that it's super low in calories and super high in taste. 

try it!

see below, it's very much still winter around and will be for a while, so yay soup!

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