Thursday, February 7, 2013

you know you're homesick when:

(or you know you're a South African expat when:)

+you suddenly find yourself caring about cricket and soccer (and it's not even a world cup)

+you get strangely emotional when disposing of products you bought in South Africa, especially if the 'directions' are in English and Afrikaans.
"when will i be able to buy Clicks Rooibos body lotion again" you yell through sobs and sniffs.

+you miss food you didn't even know you liked while in South Africa

"i'd trade a Dairy Queen Avalanche for a koeksister any day" you declare.

... did you even like Koeksisters Lanette? ...?

+you start going down strange YouTube rabbit holes.

 (YouTube is to expats what is to lonely hearts)

++ so you listen to more Afrikaans music than you ever did while in South Africa

you realize "Lisa se klavier" is the most beautiful song you've ever heard.
you realize you know all the words to "De La Rey" ... and that makes you little uncomfortable
but then you realize you also know all the words to "Nkalakatha"so you feel better.

++ YouTubing Nandos ads would also not be uncommon.

++YouTubing the 7de laan's tune when it's 6:30pm, just for fun.

+ you regret not buying a Nelson Mandela poster for your living room. 

 +you regret not buying a few things...

+Rooibos tea never tasted so good

+you cry a little when people send you pictures of 'braai vleis' (BBQ)
i personally hide in corners rocking from side to side when ever someone mentions my dad's pooitjiekos. (like a type of stew but way more awesome)

 +you feel like you've failed your country by not buying a Spingbok rugby jersey to wear everyday.

+so you wear African inspired t-shirts from Big Blue and Mr. Price under your coat.

+you might be found humming the National Anthem, well a mix between humming and singing and making up a word here and there
" Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica, maluphakanywa something something ay yo, iswa... something something... UIT DIE BLOU VAN ONS SE HEMEL...and so forth "

i do love our national anthem, really. (this is cool version... goosebumps (yup, homesick))

+you tear up when other people get to go to South Africa, this post by the Everywhereist on South African fudge had me reach for the a tissue or two. (and i don't even like fudge)

+you suddenly take up swearing in Afrikaans, because, well who would know. (dis 'n klein grappie ma)

+you truly believe that South Africa is the most beautiful place on earth.

oh, but you'd be right

+you write a post about "you know you're homesick when:"

how about you? do you have any tell tale signs of being homesick, or what would you think would make you feel this way if you were far from home? i'd love to know.

... or maybe it's just me?

disclaimer: i didn't leave South Africa because i've lost all hope in the country, but i also didn't leave South Africa against my will. just felt like i needed to add that in there. i love South Africa and i love that i've immigrated to the States, both these sentiments are true it's not one over the other for the most part... if that makes sense.


  1. Hier is 'n heerlike koeksister resep vir jou! Maak dit asseblief en stuur vir my foto's:

  2. And you may need a sausage maker, but here:

    1. love it, you know it's my birthday coming