Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spokane, so far

i've never heard of Spokane before Ben's parents moved here a few short years ago. we were still living in Hanoi at the time.

sorry to say but the first thing i've ever been told about Spokane had something to do with the Meth problem. (thanks for that Mitchell)

soooo, that was weird.

fast forward a year or so and i'm packing my warmest jacket to go meet the parents, America and well yes Spokane for the first time. a rather momentous event in any person's life i'd imagine.

my first actual impression of Spokane was also sadly formed while mostly driving up and down Division street.  the longest most over populated chain store and fast food joint after fast food joint i've ever seen. not the ideal first date of the city that was to become my new home honestly.

but over the visits i was granted during 2012 i slowly but surely fell in love with the place.  despite hearing such opposing views from people i've met. 

i've heard people declare it the best place to live in the world and others wanting to get out at first opportunity.

i really don't know much but either of these views or the real problems of the city, but i do know i like getting to know you Spokane. 

this is what i love about you so far: (in no particular order)
turns out i rather enjoy basketball, so naturally i'm a new little Zags fan, Go Gonzaga (nobody is more surprised than me)
the MAC, the Northwest art museum, especially on the first friday of every month when you're free
the outdoors, how close nature is... and just how gorgeous it is.
it's pretty safe, well much safer than my previous home town. you wouldn't find us walking about town at night like this.
you have snow, and that's still pretty awesome to me.

i've thanked you for this before, but thanks for your simply heavenly parks around.

i think the downtown vibe thing you've got going is pretty cool

i'm a big fan of your river, i've never had a river before.
sincerely yours xoxo


  1. The second to last photo in this post was taken from the exact spot where my husband proposed to me. Love it :)

    1. how romantic! pretty cool that you have that spot to go to anytime you want, so beautiful there. Well played Mr. Willful/Joyful.. well played.