Monday, February 4, 2013

uninspired title, sharing photos anyway

i don't have much to say today, other than the weekend was interesting and hard at times.

celebrated three years together as a couple, although it feels so much longer, in the best possible way.

enjoyed Thai and Vietnamese food, such a lovely reminder of our first year together.

appreciated that if it can't be sunny at least the fog looks like we live in the kind of city where batman would hang out.

suffered through the Superbowl. not really, the party and food was fun and Beyonce and can do anything she wants, but the actual football part... yawn.

restless, because the greencard situation is not going as fast as we'd like, but acknowledge the fact that it could be going a whole lot slower.

thankful, always for every whisper of sunlight and any kind of weekend that doesn't involve overtime, January being over, viber and skype and whatsapp! 

ready for a new week

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