Monday, February 18, 2013

on being a housewife part 1

in the most literal explanation of the term today.

i'm a wife.

and i spend a LOT of time in our new little house.

spending all this time include reasons like: weather, no car during the day, don't know too many people, weather, waiting on the legal paper work to start working, it's cold outside, on a budget, cleaning the house, browsing blogs, facebook, pintrest and twitter is more comfortable inside, cooking, icy sidewalks, lazy... you get the picture.

also, i love our apartment. 
squeaky wooden floors, busy road, temperamental toilet and all. 
i love it when it's clean, i love it when it's a little more lived in. i love that's its our first home together, i love the details. i love it in the sunlight. i love the slow pace it's taking on, in transforming it self day by day, little by little to being a reflection of our new lives.  a sanctuary.

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