Tuesday, April 9, 2013

two bloggers go on a hike...

What was I babbling on about in the last post? I forget... Oh something about what to do with this blog.  I got over thinking about it so deeply, so I'll just go on doing what I'm doing.

I get sentimental every now and then when I scroll through my Vietnam blog Lan In Nam (I know, how clever is that title!) and even though it's a little cheesy here and there my biggest regret is that I didn't blog more. More of the everyday details, shorter posts, more quickies. Alas. 

I also thought about the aspects I enjoy from my favorite blogs(see here to the side), and it's beautiful photography,  a little window into their lives (in a non creepy way), or something that inspires me. What I feel most inspired to do is to keep on keeping on with Lanlettie.

So that's what I'll do.

Speaking of little updates,

My Spokane blogger/instagram friend Amanda invited me for a little mid week hike last week, and what's a blogger supposed to do other than to post about it?

She, of course posted about it too.  She takes more pictures than I do, and they are stunning!! For the first time I understood what Ben must go through living with me and my constant snapping. (snapping of photos that is...)
 Can you believe we met on Instagram?  I love that! ...and they say social media is the end of human contact as we know it. ha! what do they know?
 These, I'll have you know, are my new hiking boots.  I feel so NorthWest right now. May they see many many happy trails and breathtaking views and maybe a wolf or a bear... I'll settle for moose.
If these photos seem a little familiar it's because I popped by here just a few weeks ago with Ben, remember? I told you all about it.


  1. That was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again! We just need to get the darn weather to cooperate. And you got me back very well for all my "snapping" with that shot of me in one of those weird photography contortion acts :) I always forget how silly I look until I see a photo of it!

  2. not silly! I like that picture a lot, it's clearly very artistic and pretty :)
    And yes, weather, come on. Can't wait to take on another outdoor adventure!