Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"spring" but I'm still freezing

Rumor has it that things are looking up this week. By up I mean hot, and by hot I mean the weather not sucking.

So far I am still pretty darn cold. Spokane Spring and Jo'burg Spring is not the same thing, Spokane Winter being pretty different from Jo'burg winter was my main clue here.

Driving by people wearing shorts and sandals confuse me. Turns me into those crazy old ladies that yell at people in public "waar is jou skoene kind! weet jou ma jy's hier?"

Luckily they don't really understand, luckily I don't really do this.

Still, crappy cold weekend or not we had to get out of town, just for a few hours, just to keep telling ourselves 'it's only going to get warmer and better'.

So we drove up to Mt Spokane to say goodbye to the snow and then found a river to go calm down by:


I do however have to say, the city of Spokane, even though a little chilly for me, is breathtakingly beautiful so far. Overload of blossom pictures post to follow.


  1. Spring here and there... Definitely not comparable AT ALL!!

    1. well, there's the blossoms and the ... oh wait, that's about it.