Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday: what to do from here?

Well, I feel I owe you a little bit of an update.

I've been very uninspired to write posts these last few weeks but I also can't manage the thought of just closing the blog down and moving on with other projects. why is that?

This weekend I'll take the time to really think about the direction I want Lanlettie to take in the future and go from there.  For me it's been a place of working out my wedding DIY ideas, dealing with leaving South Africa, in a way expressing life as a newly married woman, keeping sane through unemployment and so on.  Most of these things have changed.

I no longer need to DIY my wedding.
I've left South Africa.
Life as a newly married woman keeps on changing on me and it's great, but hard to put into posts.
I now work as an intern and learn about aprons, hard liquor and craft distilling.  So that take care of the unemployment crazy for now.

I have my green card interview coming up in less than two weeks! The end is in sight. Good news right?

Starting this post I thought I was going to tell you all about my mid week hike and our new healthy habits but for now let me take that content and come back when there is more clarity on what it is I do here. 
Any ideas?


  1. Long-term blogging is not for the faint of heart. I'm very much of the mindset that you should blog about whatever strikes your fancy and take breaks when you need them. We became friends due in-part to Lanlettie, so I'm a bit partial to it sticking around :)

  2. you know, you're right... the more I thought about moving on the deeper my attachment grew. I'm not going to over-think it anymore, 'whatever strikes my fancy' coming up! thanks for the sweet comment!