Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nothing ordinary

I rediscovered these photos that from our 2012 trip through Glacier National Park today. My new favorite thing to do is change my screen saver often and have rotating photos display. Vietnam file, wedding file, travel through Europe file, and then today I set it up to display 'Travel 2012'. 

I can't tell you the amount of times I just stopped my work, waiting for the slide show to start. I was especially struck by how many amazing places I was fortunate to experience that year. I loved staring at that the stop over in Istanbul, the whale safari, the daffodil fields, the Modern Museum of Art in NYC, and of course Glacier

I hope that in that year, despite being nervous about immigrating, visa applications and finances, I was able to take in the wonderfulness of all of it. It came as a reminder today, that despite dealing with homesickness and job stress and everything that comes with that, that life is a gift, being here in the Northwest is amazing and being with the love of my life is nothing ordinary ever.

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  1. gorgeous pictures.
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