Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home now, a quick hi

Sitting at the gate, waiting to board the first of three flights back to Spokane, I overhear what I knew was most likely my last Afrikaans conversation. The ladies spoke about the Oscar Pistorius trail. I board, delighted to find an empty seat next to me. Basically a lottery win on long haul flights. I watch movies and TV shows I've already seen, I pretend like I'll be on planes in this upright position for days, I play tetris with my meals- how can I make everything fit onto the tray table?. Isn't traveling across the globe kind of extraordinary? 

I'm back in our apartment now, already unpacked, marveling at the little green buds on the big trees outside my window, locals in shorts and sleeveless shirts ( it's 12 C!), and just how normal this space feels to me. I like that, I like this general exciting expectation I have about the next few months, I like that I can see daffodils and that Ben will be home in less than two hours.  I also like that I have this little corner of the internet to show up like this and share these random moments.


  1. Welcome back! I'll be flying home in 3 weeks' time, and I will be home for 2 weeks. I've been waiting for this since January, and now that it's finally here, I feel sad that it will all be over in 2 weeks. Does that make sense? I'm already imaging how hard it would be to say goodbye to family and friends... Such conflicting feelings!

    1. I totally understand that feeling! I hope your next three weeks go by fast and the two weeks after go nice and slow ;) What helped me the most during the farewell part was thinking about how grateful I am that I got to spend that time with loved ones, but I know, saying goodbye sucks!! x Travel safe