Monday, April 28, 2014

and now, more from the Kruger National Park

It's impossible for me to choose only a few photos to share our few days in the Kruger National Park with you. So I'll just share these for now, and then probably some more and then probably some more. I hope you will forgive me. I've already shared some here, in case you don't mind.

My family has always loved the bush, in fact, Ben would talk about the many trips he took as a kid to Disney World and surrounding parks and I would think "hmmm, I guess while you were doing that I was going here". (Ben's family lives in Florida so that helps). Being a multinational couple will never cease to amuse me!

You don't have to work very hard to fall in love with the bush here, it doesn't really give you much of an option anyway. The thick warm air that smells like no place you'll ever go, the sunsets, the sunrises, thorn trees, African sounds and of course the wildlife. It's touristy yes, but for all the right reasons.

With our recent trip to South Africa I had high hopes of exploring parts of the country that I've not been to, or at the very least that Ben's never seen. Like Kwazulu-Natal and surrounds, but with only a few short weeks it's basically impossible to pass up on a trip to the Kruger, especially with a crocodile river front view like the one I knew we'd have. 

That's just the trouble with the love of travel isn't it? Go back to the most amazing places we've seen or explore new most amazing places that we'll want to travel back to. Usually I'm up for the new, but lately I've found myself thinking about the places I've been and wanting to take Ben there, or wanting to share it with my friends. This summer is going to be hard not to basically repeat everything we've done last summer.  Just look at our trip to the North Cascades people, it will be wild and difficult to keep me from going there again.

Anyway, back to the Kruger. We didn't actually stay in the park itself, we stayed here, at Ngwenya Lodge. It's right on the border of the park so we could blissfully sip on gin and tonics and watch the happy hippos frolic about in the river and be on the look out for game on the Kruger side river banks. Things spotted from our porch: Happiest hippos, impala, crocodiles, buffalos, a sleepy rhino, and about 100 different types of birds.

Fine, I'll share some more pictures on this post just because I know you're used to scrolling down if you've made it this far. xoxo


  1. The photos are so bright, I can't believe they are real! And there is Pumba! Uh, while I'm freezing here in Idaho there is so much other fun stuff happening on the other side of the planet!