Friday, April 4, 2014

Dikhololo. For the love of giraffes and other wild things

 Dikhololo (yes! it's as fun to say out loud as you think, do it) is a Game Reserve just outside Brits, I'd say no more than a two hour drive from Jo'burg. It's kind of resort-y, kind of wild, kind of all things to most people. If you want a place with under roof heated pools, mini golf and Afrikaans music performances it's a good place for you. If you need to see a giraffe and the Kruger National Park is too far to drive, it's a good place for you too. If you used to live in South Africa and like an idiot did not realize how amazing giraffes are and now miss them like crazy, well then, this is a good place for you too. 

Sharing some more photos with you that didn't make it into yesterday's post. (The one where I use 'duel' when I mean 'dual' *face in palm* yes that one)
But no seriously, how cool are giraffes, hey?


  1. They are incredibly cool and I love all of the posts with the animal photos, keep them coming please! :-)

  2. Aw, giraffes are so cute! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos. :)