Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things I've always wanted to do in America #29

Speaking of things I've always wanted to do in the USA... here with a quick look at our day at the county fair.

Filled with goats and ponies, kids being violently thrown from sheep, tiny pig races, a ferris wheel, something deep-fried, blue ribbon pumpkins and oh so much more.

When Ben was at the County Fair last year, he kept sending me pictures of goats and over-sized egg plants... all I could think was: Next year I'll be at the county fair, I'll be a wife and a permanent citizen and probably eating something horribly unhealthy. Man, I couldn't wait for that day. Now I'm already looking forward to the next one... might even enter the pie contest next year.

RepreSENT !


  1. These fairs DO look idyllic! :) And hooray for south african goats featuring ;) :D

    1. It was nice to run into some 'kids' from back home. No other South Africans around these parts. :)