Monday, September 23, 2013

Things I've always wanted to do in America #12

While the chances are that I won't be able to go to school in a yellow school bus and eat cafeteria food like they did in the movies, I have managed to add a few checks to my list.

It's a weird kind of list. Not very impressive, and I don't even fully know what's on there. It's just a list of things I've wanted to do in America based on books, movies, tv shows, blogs and American friends I've been exposed to over the years.

Some checks have included: Eating a Krispy Kream doughnut, going to Yellow Stone, New Years in Eve in Times Square, shopping at Yard Sales (and oh my have I checked this one), spending a day at the county fair and so on.

One such odd desire: go to a pumpkin patch, another has been to go 'pick your own' anything. I honestly can't believe I went the whole summer without heading out to Green Bluff and picking my own darn strawberries like all the cool girls do. Oh well, I more than made up for that.

Pumpkins, apples, blackberries and flowers!

 All this fresh country air suddenly inspired me to ask Ben to take a few "outfit" shots of me. Something I may or may not introduce here... But my inner super model/posing without posing self just didn't seem to appear. Anyway, the shoes are from Woolworths, and so is the bag and so is the scarf... I think. Oh never mind, maybe I'll be a classy outfit post girl in my next blog life.

Our trip out here did nothing but feed this dream we have of one day living in the country with all out goats and peacocks. 

I would like say something about apples if I may? If all apples tasted like these apples did off the tree I'd probably wouldn't call them the boring fruit. So sorry about that apples! I didn't know you could taste that good.
I'm sure there are places in South Africa to go pick stuff to over joy your picking heart, but I just never thought to do that, not anywhere around Jo'burg that I know of anyway. So, that's why, check! Check to still getting my tourist on, even though I live here now.


  1. Uh I can't believe you already went there when I just found out about this place a week ago!! I'm glad you had fun though, I can't wait to go pick whatever you left hanging on the trees and laying in the field haha

    1. Oh you will just love it! I can't decide what I like doing more... hanging out in the pumpkin patch or picking apples. Maybe picking flowers was my favorite. I can't believe I've not been up there this whole summer! It's such a treat. I left a few things for you to pick ;) x

  2. Looks like a country-girls world just like from the movies right? :)

  3. Ah, picking your own stuff is so fun! And I LOVE pumpkin patches. I'm so glad you finally got to go to one!

    1. It was fun! I just loved the colors, it was a real satisfactory sensory experience. Can't believe I missed out on all the picking from early summer, but it's something I'll definitely do again next year. x