Monday, September 2, 2013

Thank you Summer, I love you forever.

As much as I'm not ready to let the summer move on down to my loved ones in the Southern hemisphere, I know it's the right thing to do.

I will spend September graciously accepting you in Fall and then (dramatic sigh) Winter...

To honor the moving along of wonderful summer I've decided to share some of the highlights.  I'd love for you to scroll through these pictures in slow motion while listening to this sad sad song.

Haha not really.
I'm so thankful for this first newly wed, American based summer.

The long days, the camping, the 3 National Parks I got to experience, the hiking, the beer tastings, the evening walks that could last forever. Ice-cream.   
 The only way to move forward will be with thankfulness and a slight personality change. The kind of personality that's a Fall lover, the kind that looks forward to boots and scarves, Netflix, hot chocolate and soup and cozy and snuggles and falling leaves... doesn't sound so bad when I think about it like that. 
 Prepare for post like 'Why I still love winter' coming in the next few months. Which looking back really helped in not becoming a 'short-day-stay-inside-freezing' hater. 

Northwest summer, I love you and I'll miss you. Bring on the holiday season and pumpkin flavor EVERYTHING. I'm ready for you...

This was a pretty awesome way to spend the 'last day of summer', meeting the lovely Katie and her husband Ben from ChestnutMocha in person. New friends, ski lifts, that view, who can stay sad for long!?


  1. Uhhh, summmmmerrrrr... like writing and saying it this way would make it stay longer))) I was just downloading the photos from the last few weeks to the laptop and sorting them in folders such as "picnic at Memorial park", "end of August garden", "coffee at the beach", "mountain fest" - meanwhile listening to the rain drops on my windows and sipping my first (and very early this year) pumpkin latte. I seriously hope for more summer weeks later this month!
    And I can't stop talking about how cool it was that you two came up here and we got to meet. Totally the highlight of the season!

    1. I like your strategy... suuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr it totally works! Hope there's a few freebie weekends this month too. Especially for our camping trip, can't wait to start planning that:) It was just as wonderful to meet the two of you!!!
      On another note, I totally missed out on the pumpkin seasonal craze last year, so I'm looking forward to trying all kinds of pumpkin things this year.

    2. Talking about pumpkins and seasonal stuff! We should all go here:
      It's near Spokane and we're doing it this year again!

  2. Summer has been so lovely! I love all of these pictures; your adventures look like they have been so fun! I can't wait for fall, personally; maybe because I've been so warm being pregnant, but the cool weather (and snuggly fashion!) really appeals to me right now!
    Ah, also, your pictures are making me miss Eastern Washington a little bit!
    (P.S. You are SO pretty. Seriously.)

    1. Thank you lovely Mrs Owl! You're so sweet!
      I've decided to start being excited about fall, even though Summer is my absolute favorite.
      About half of the pictures are from your side of the State (I think!) You should come visit!! :)

  3. Ooh wow! Stunning pics Lanettie. xx

    1. Ag dankie mammie... imagine how mooi hulle sal wees as iemand vir my 'n mooi kamera koop vir

  4. Like your tour and photographs! sounds pleasant destination, Indeed...