Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Thursday distraction

It's been a while since I posted a 'distraction' post hasn't it?

I know I should really be posting these for a Friday afternoon, because I sure know how I love link-heavy blogs come the end of the week.

How about you bookmark me and come back when you need to. I'll be here. I will always be here to distract you... and inspire and entertain you. (woops, I might have copied a bit of my own wedding vows there)

First up, I just loved reading this piece on living in New York City by Cup of Jo. It's both hillerious and helps with the NYC envy all of us not living in NYC have.

I adore this colorful blog 'Capture the Colour' by Text Sketches. She's challenged me to do something similar and have I've been meaning to post my own version soon! You should do it too and tell me all about it!

My blog-crush the Everywhereist share her ever applicable blog writing wisdom having just posted her 1000th blog post. Clever one that girl.

A Beautiful Mess recently talked about doing the 4 simple goals project. And I'm such ABM groupie, I'll do what ever they suggest I do. (Just like I did the 30 selfie challenge and am still working on my very own DIY braided rug).
Here are my four simple goals:

I've tried to find fairies in this magical post by my pal Willful/Joyful, she camped in what looks like an enchanted forest and I want to go there now!

This lovely post on Gratitude by Tulips and Flight suits is inspiring. I want to be more intentional about finding opportunities to love on people, and help.

The adorable Owl Eccentric shares a Cher make up tutorial. Which has since made me wonder if should go as Katniss meets Cher for the upcoming Halloween party.

We finally went on a corn-maze adventure. Another solid tick off the 'things I need to do in America' list. My favorite fellow foreign bride Chestnut Mocha posted about it.

Also, my new hair cut that's not so new anymore. Why can't my hair always look like this? Why?

That's it for now x


  1. I came upon your blog today via Instagram (we used the same hash tag #northwestisbest) and I am so glad I did! I really needed this reminder today about goal-setting simple goals! I made my own today and posted them on my blog (to keep my accountable!) because of your post, so thank you! :)