Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anniversary camping and my brilliant new plan

What if...

Instead of one special day celebrating the wedding anniversary we celebrate 'honeyversary'.

What's a honeyversary you ask?

Just this exceptionally smart idea I've had where you celebrate your honeymoon too.Spend the same amount of days traveling as you did on your honeymoon. Go beautiful places, be romantic, be together.

How is this not a thing people?

Well this year, being newly weds and all, we practiced by going on an over-night camping trip the day before our wedding anniversary. So really that doesn't count, but I'm determined to make honeyversary our tradition from next year on.(Where should we go!!)

We also said good bye to camping for the rest of the year. Ending it the way we started, in barely above freezing evening temperatures, all huddled by the fire, snuggled up in a a few dozen blankets, warming hands with bad tasting camp coffee. Oh the best! I'll miss it for a while.

Also, it's a strange thing to get married in the Spring, but celebrate in the Fall.
(We got married in the Southern Hemisphere see)

A few shots from this past weekend:


  1. Gorgeous! Fall camping is so underrated. The crisp air, beautiful colors, and a lowered amount of buzzing pests all make for a great trip in my book. And a honeyversary? I'm a fan.

    1. It so is... I've completely forgotten how sad I was that summer ended, seriously Fall in the Northwest is amazing.

  2. Beautiful photos! Wow!
    And you're right, I never thought how strange it will be, we got married in the autumn but will celebrate in the spring thanks to the hemisphere-switch!

    1. Thank you lovely Erica! It's fun though right!