Thursday, November 15, 2012

the morning of...

... a new housewife. with a new phone. on a rare sunny November Spokane day.

a sudden hit of vitamin D, translates into a sudden need for a self portrait.

morning shadow, with plant hair.

these are seriously the best shortbread cookies i've ever made. try them!   

first run (because that's what's needed if you want to eat cookies with three sticks of butter in)
more of gorgeous manito park, my new running pal.
 day 8 of being an official housewife, a reality that only just hit me today as i concern myself over kitchen sink stains and husband lunch options. so far, so, uhm, good. this is a drastic change  (hence the need for cookies and running)


  1. Gewonder wanneer gaan jy weer macaroons bak? :)