Wednesday, November 21, 2012

adventures in dinner

"respect your dinner, idolize it, enjoy it properly. you will be by many hours in the week, many weeks in the year, and many years in your life the happier if you do." -William Makepeace Thackeray

people who know me,remember the sudden baker awakening, many even benefited from my creations. while i still love baking a ridiculously bad ass piece of cookie or cupcake i must say i love cooking more than i had anticipated.

(if only i could say the same thing about ironing #newwifeproblems)

i'm not sure what it is, the planning, the searching, the quest for value plus healthy plus awesomeness,  the grocery shopping with Ben, having and taking the time in my...MY kitchen, tasting a new recipe after all that, liking it, Ben liking it? the parts that make up the whole of something new i really have fallen head over heals for.

you'd wonder what i did all those years between married life and living outside my parents house... eggs, mostly eggs and salad. that was my thing.

here, some of my masterpieces:
that's right, home made pizza. not the plain jane store bought pizza base and a few cut up toppings, oh no, made from base to finish. found a fantastic recipe for this.

confession: ben made this. he's just adorable like that. it's on here cause i like the instagram okay.

totally bad ass.

goeie genade, this might be my favourite recipe i've tried yet. spicy chicken wraps (other than not preparing enough chicken because i seem to have forgotten i need to feed a real live man now). found on the same blog i found the home made pizza recipe, that girl is on to something. i'm a fan.

and just in case you thought i instagram all my dinners...

 woo hoo, thanksgiving tomorrow. i'll be off to 'do as the locals do' which apparently means eating yourself into a coma and then burning of the calories as you stampede into target/walmart/best buy for a flat screen tv.  #livingtheamericandream

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