Monday, November 26, 2012

a long weekend, thankfully

americans sure do like their traditions, i'm not there yet, but, it doesn't mean i'm not enjoying this whole 'american way'.

this past weekend was a glorious long weekend, with two days off for thanksgiving, now that already got me into the thankful spirit of things.
thanksgiving brings with it a whole set of traditions which mostly include things like, the turkey, and the marshmallows on sweet potato,  and more food served with a side dish of food than i've seen in weeks,

( i saw a lot of food at my wedding, so saying months instead of weeks would be a lie, and i won't lie to you)

other traditions as partly experienced by myself include the Macy's thanksgiving parade, something about pie, some more pie, football (meh), the camping out for the best deals come black friday (which according to Walmart started at 20:00 the Thursday before), a sure and sudden shopping madness that grips the very heart of a person.' muhahaha' says the festive cheery spirit in a low and creepy voice. it's true, we did... and only walked a way with discounted pj's from the ten dollar bin at Target, but still. where was i.. oh yes, and the somewhere between Santa appearing at the Thanksgiving parade, and the pie and the 'i never want to eat again' there's a silent but distinctive siren that marks the official start of the Christmas season... (too soon for me honestly, but it's inescapable).

with that, here's some  pieces from the African's first (sort of) thanksgiving in this new and strange land.
my atractive husband enjoying the parade

a thankful walk in my favourite park

amazing meal, sorry no picture of the whole turkey, i know this is what the south africans wanted to see. you should be thankful i even took a moment to take this picture and not shove all the food in my mouth with my bare hands as i had hoped to do. lots to be thankful for.

pie! and pumpkin swirl

a rather unimpressive walmart black friday, these people obviously haven't seen the 'oriental plaza' on a saterday morning end of the month. there was no fighting or people kicking down old ladies to get to the items???

this to me is hysterical. then again, who's laughing now? see picture above of what my tv looks like, i'm sure these guys are the one's shaking their heads at us in shame.

and then, there was finding, cutting, hauling and setting up of the tree at the in-laws.

sexy husband, doing the dirty work

watching this 'unfold' was about as entertaining as you'd imagine

and then we drink.

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