Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm still here, hanging out in South Africa

Thunderstorm (love)
My hot wedding date

I know you've been thinking "Lanette were you eaten by a lion or something, why haven't you blogged your little African longing heart out since getting back to the homeland?!?"

I have no good excuses, besides, I always think it's a little strange when bloggers apologize for not blogging for a while, but that's just me being a weirdo.

So I've been here in happy South Africa for about three weeks now, and I can't get over how fast these three weeks have flown by, although we adults should really know by now that time flies when you're an immigrant visiting your roots. When will I learn?

It's been so good to spend this time with my family and friends. They're simply irreplaceable and I like them all more than ever. A strange heaviness has started creeping into heart, the one that knows I'll have to do the whole farewell thing again in less than a week, but dwelling on that right now will only take away from these precious few days I have left here. 

Just wanted to share a few photos from the first days back in Jo'burg (only about 6% of the meat consumed shown here), I'll be back with more stories of our travel adventures. A heads up, if you don't like wild animals don't come back here for a while, because there's a lot of animals coming up... 


  1. Kom kuier vir ons by kerk die Sondag oggend @ as julle wil =) Emwee gan ook hier wees. Ek weet dis besig met famikie en als en als en als... So no pressure. Facebook my as julle directions soek. Kerk is net 1.5ure lank.

    1. Deon! So baie dankie vir die invite! Dit sou flippen awesome gewees het om julle almal te sien. Ek's jammer ek reply nou eers en ek's jammer ek kon dit nie maak nie, die laaste paar dae was regtig wild gewees. Sou nou so gelove het om jou oulike vroutjie te ontmoet het, kom maak 'n draai as julle weer in Amerika is!

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  3. My first thought was "Meeeeeaaaaaatttttt!!!" And then also "Those guys look awesome at the wedding!"
    I hope your last week goes slowly and you really enjoy it. I hate farewells but you should know there are lots of people here, too, who'll be happy to see you. Hugs!

  4. Oh the meat! :) :)
    Enjoy every second of your last week there, as you intend to! :D