Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday thoughts

A few recent thoughts:

"It's summer! It's summer! It's summer! It's summer!"

"Apartment Therapy, why can't I quit you?!"

"I should probably write a post here about how we're buying a house"

"I should also probably write a post here about how I (finally after months and months of passionate patience and tears and frustrations) got a job that I'm really, really excited about starting next week"

"Shall I clean the house today and take photos of our first apartment together"

"Shall I post those pictures here?"

"It's summer!"

"When will we lift the ban on 'dog adoption websites' so we can find our third member of the family?" 

"Really loved this piece on 'happiness' as shared by Cup of Jo. Happiness is not the end goal, and I'm over the pressure of trying to be happy all the time, wholeness is better."

"What will I find in my planned Goodwill shopping tomorrow morning"

"Because I should find more modest clothes"

"Because my new job will not appreciate skinny jeans"

"I love skinny jeans"

"Hoping I win Katie's Russian Treats giveaway. Hoping you don't enter so my chances are better, or hoping you win and will share your bounty with me" 

"Am I the only person in the world that thinks 'The Goldfinch' is overrated and boring?"

"It's time for some Jane Austen next"

What's been on your mind lately? Happy weekend.


  1. Really excited about all of these! And super happy for all the new things in your life lately! Can't wait for the third member of your family!
    When/where did you see the moose?!

    1. Thanks lovely Katie! It's just crazy how it feels like nothing is happening for the longest time and then suddenly everything happens. I can't wait to meet our puppy too. It's most likely already alive right now and the idea of that thrills me something crazy. The moose we spotted at Turnbull Nature reserve, about 30 min drive from here, we should take you guys there sometime, it's so pretty there!

    2. So excited to meet your future puppy! :-) I hope you're enjoying your new job, I want to hear about it next time!

  2. Yes. Yes, you should write a post about your new job and house. Come on! :D