Thursday, September 27, 2012


right now i'm waiting for that all important call from the American Consulate JNB.  patiently waiting for a stranger to give me the go ahead.
the go ahead to book that one-way ticket.
a printed piece of paper with only one final destination, the symbol of my new reality. an exciting reality. a simple next step to be with my new husband, my best friend.
all it took was:

.a total of 8 months of anxious waiting
.a novel amount of forms completed, and then recompleted and then over completed and then completed again just for fun.
. 'evidence' of a real romance
.unabridged birth certificate, and R200 on the side to get in a week and not have to wait a dreaded 12weeks
.R1600 worth of medical checks and documents and inoculations
. police clearance. and a celebration of not needing a Vietnamese police clearance... dancing might have featured here.
. estimate 600usd for all together applications.
.  some sleepless nights, a bit of my sanity, a lot of faith.

all this because the attractive boy in the supermarket i met just under three years ago was not 'my own kind'  

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