Wednesday, June 27, 2012

rock my wedding... with rocks

early on i decided on a home made, intimate, unique MOST AWESOME WEDDING you've ever seen IN YOUR LIFE LIKE EVER. not only that, i've also made a very deliberate decision to stress as little as possible, have as much fun as possible, and stay as busy as possible.  reasons i've mentioned before are: long distance engagement, traumatic gun point incident, and generally stressing enough about immigrating to the USA.
 so you see how becoming a bridezilla and stressing about the smallest of wedding details just doesn't seem to fit into my life. which brings me to these rocks as seen above.
 rather than search high and low for awesome name placement card ideas i decided to make use of something i do have. or more what my friend had.  my friend was going make away with heaps of random rocks left for her by a previous owner.
 instead the vision of black rocks with white painted names placed on wooden tables among field flowers in used collected glass jar came to me and ta da.  rocking name placement rocks that say 'you rock' with our wedding date on the back.  and just like that another TICK is made on the list of a trillion things to do.

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